In the networked society, everyone becomes a journalist, because technology makes them a journalist.

Gunther Sosna Fournder, Publisher and Editor New Debate
Give us energy!

Hey, welcome! Hope you are well and like my message.

I’m Gunther Sosna, the initiator of this media project New Debate. Please give me a few minutes of your attention and let me explain you the goal of the project New Debate.

Journalism affects us all! And you are a part of the media world, too …

Major publishers, who hammer the opinions and views of a small elite into our brains with the help of their advertising-financed media, are losing importance. The power of the media is shifting from the provider to the media consumer. But the real power of journalism has long been in the hands of ordinary, honest people. In the networked society, where videos, pictures, sound recordings, news, opinions, the important and much of the unimportant can be spread across the globe within seconds by the most modern technology, every person becomes a journalist.

The New Debate is a response to this development. People from all milieus, with the strangest of life histories, cultural backgrounds and from the most diverse professional fields, outline current events from their point of view in their contributions.

Readership and editorial staff merge!

Together they represent journalism from the bottom up, which does not make itself common with the interests of the elites, instead being the voice of ordinary people …

As a non-advertising medium, financed exclusively by donations from the readership, the New Debate is free from influence by third parties. It is a counterweight to old structures and a gateway between people in terms of content and editorial content.

Together readers and editors represent a grassroots journalism that seeks critical dialogue to find solutions to the challenges of the modern, peaceful and open society in which we want to live. That’s what it’s all about.

PS: And of course we want to overthrow the dictatorship of profit. Well, what else could we want!